My Diet Adventure

So many of you asked how I lost weight. This is not the healthiest thing in the world so I would not recommend it long term. A little over a year ago I had lost some weight by cutting out carbs, sugar and any kind of dairy product. I have done something very similar this time.
I am eating mostly protein now. I eat every 2-3 hours without fail. I drink at least 80 ounces of water every single day. I eat 5-7 times a day every day.
Today I had an egg mcmuffin with no muffin for breakfast at 8:30 along with my multivitamin, also got a large unsweet tea and put stevia in it at work. I do not recommend drinking any caffeine at all but I do it occasionally. I may have drank a fourth of that, I put it in the fridge and drink it the next day. At 10:30 am I opened a can of tuna in water, put quite a bit of real mayo in it, stirred it up and ate it straight out of the can. If I were home it would get natural pink sea salt, pepper and pickles of some kind. At 1:00 I didn’t have any time so I only had a protein drink. I use EAS carb control and my favorite is strawberry, they are much better cold but if you are desperate you can toss one in your handbag and drink it warm, don’t forget to shake it up..I was supposed to eat by 4pm but had sales calls today and couldn’t stop. This is extremely rare for me. When I got back to the office I did tuna again with another multivitamin. It was 4:45. At 7 I had several bites of cheddar cheese and took a walk and wound up running 1.6 miles. Around 9 I stuck a spoon into the peanut butter and ate maybe a teaspoon of that. Then I took my 2 calcium tablets and fixed my Greens Drink. It is powder kept in the fridge and you mix it with water, shake it up, I need it for the probiotics. Lelan wanted zaxbys at 10pm (yes I am not kidding) so I got him zaxbys and I ate his slaw and like 2 french fries. I am still drinking water and will probably wind up with about 90 oz in me for the day. For me this was a terrible day, I didn’t really eat enough and I cheated a little tonight. Usually I have at least one real meal a day most days it is at lunch. I will have a salad which many times spring mix or spinach with cheddar or feta or goat cheese, sometimes bacon (only real, don’t eat that fake junk), grilled chicken never with any skin, nuts but only if they are not coated in something (totally raw is best), and salsa, guac and sour cream if possible. For dressings blue cheese is best with ranch as second. Vinegrette is a trap, if they made it they put gobs of sugar in it so avoid it. You cannot put any kind of bean, corn, tortilla strips, tortilla bowl, crackers, croutons, all no-nos. And measuring any of that, yeah whatever. I like dressing, pour it on. Some veggies are ok, watch your sugar content though. Avoid carrots, you may not have sweet potatoes or any root veggie at all, no white potatoes of course. Fruits like berries and granny smiths I gave up even though they are low in sugar, that tiny bit of sugar would make me have cravings later in the day.
Have breakfast very soon after waking. You need to eat soon after you wake up. You need to get your metabolism going. Fit in a veggie if at all possible. I put spinach in my egg, if I have a cucumber I will cut a bit of that up and put olive oil and salt on it. Yum.
Other snacks: half cup of almonds (coconut and cocoa ones are killer but limit this) walnuts, pecans, cottage cheese (limit to a cup and get the real kind not that putrid low fat stuff and organic is really yummy), cheddar cheese (you can have any hard cheese, you can have cream cheese and sour cream), canned tuna or chicken, just a grilled chicken strip, EAS low carb protein shakes, a scoop of peanut butter.
“Meals” I have are salads, grilled or baked fish or chicken, hamburger no bun with gobs of mayo, mustard, tomato, lettuce, pickles, yum. Steak ~ be careful with this, they put marinades on this you need to check the carb and sugar count online if you are eating out. You may also have brisket keep in mind most of the BBQs they put lots of sugar into the sauce so you cannot have it. Brisket is usually made with a dry rub which isn’t as bad.
If you are at the ball park which I often am, have a hot dog with mayo and mustard (no ketchup, no bun). I have been desperate enough at home before to do a slice of bologna with mayo and mustard……
I generally keep some baked chicken strips ready to go and some kind of salad and dressing. The best dressing you could ever use would be just olive oil and vinegar. Watch this when out, sometimes they are rancid which makes me gag, its old or the temp it has been exposed to messed it up. I always have bacon and the protein shakes, cans upon cans of tuna at home.
So, sometimes I crave something sweet or I crave carbs. I have resorted recently in keeping peanut butter ice cream at home. I don’t eat very much. I read the carb count in almost every box at the store and this one was not incredibly bad and I thought, well I am getting the peanut butter too. Now do NOT do this early in the diet because your body needs to reset itself lactose free. I am in month 4 now. I also keep the cocoa or coconut almonds so again I am getting a good protein in either cheat food.
But every now and then I really cheat. Sometimes I feel like I really need a carb so I will eat a few potato chips or eat mexican and eat a few chips n salsa or splurge on fajitas and eat the tortillas. Or if I have sweet tooth I may go crazy and get a small or medium sonic blast or come home and devour about 5 chocolate cupcakes. Yeah, I do. BUT I then act like I didn’t even do that, I eat the next snack or meal as planned I do NOT beat myself up about it and go along my way. Everyone cheats, just don’t go completely crazy, limit how much you have, keep bad stuff out of the house and away from you. When you go to the birthday party decide beforehand how you will handle the cake and ice cream. For me I make a decision based on how healthy I have been about my eating and exercising lately. If I decide to have some I don’t have very much. Sometimes I don’t do it at all. After all, it is just cake same as every other bite of cake I have ever had.
You may not want to have planned cheat foods in your home. Keep in mind, I didn’t do this until like the end of month 3. But for me that is better than me dreaming up fried chicken or something and leaving home to get an entire meal of fried food…..
I have a scale now and I weigh maybe 3 times a week. I have lost at least 25 pounds and I am almost finished with month 4. I also have those skinny clothes that get bigger and bigger, that is more fun and I think tells you much more than the scale ever will.
I am not an exercise freak. I love to be outside and love to put on my ipod and walk. Sometimes I cannot stand it and have to run. Some weeks I do this 5 times, it is always for at least an hour. Some whole weeks go by and I do nothing. Sometimes we all go ice skating together, I am good enough now that I don’t embarrass myself as much, it is a great workout. I am drenched in sweat usually, we go for an hour and a half. I have a bicycle now and sometimes when I go walk I just wanna go fast so I get on my bike, I love it. Sometimes I follow Lelan on his which is a challenge. You need to find something you like to do, I don’t care what it is and do it. If you like to swim find a way to get to swim often. If you like to hike go hike. Ignore the people who say you must do this or that or half cardio or whatever. Uh huh, just get off your butt and go get active and enjoy it. Your body, mind and spirit are all connected and if you force yourself to run and you hate it then your feet will tell your legs will tell your butt will tell your heart will tell your brain YOU DON’T LIKE THIS so it sends a signal to your metabolism not to work as good. Yep, it is a very scientific finding…Oh and by the way, when I go walk or skate or bike my heart rate goes up and my lungs expand, seems like a good thing so I will just keep on doing that. If you have a bad week and don’t do anything but warm your couch that is fine, maybe you were tired or stressed out, you needed a break. Come next week get out there again. Do not give up. If you mess up start over. Don’t wait til tomorrow or next week, start over again right now. Oh and the experts say that this whole thing is 90% diet 10% exercise so make sure you get that food part right folks.
You must drink your water. Find a water bottle you like. I found a 74 ounce jug with a handle at Publix. Whole Foods has reverse osmosis water, it is the best for you. You buy these huge jugs and just refill them, it is very inexpensive, almost unbelievable. If you do not drink enough water you will have cravings for real. If you need to squeeze lemon and stevia into it then do or if you have to, get that MIO stuff. Get the water down. IF you are like me and like your tea or coffee then drink that amount of water EXTRA to make up for what you lost by drinking the caffeinated drink. For what cooking at home I only buy grass fed, no hormones beef, pork and chicken usually at whole foods. The turkey sausage I get is delicious and easy to fix sometimes I have that with my egg in the morning or sometimes it is a snack on weekends, it is AppleGate Farms and Kroger has it, Whole Foods has it. Publix carries the apple chicken flavor and it is disgusting. I buy the best eggs I can find, cage free, not grain fed.
I cook my eggs in butter, real butter. Coconut and olive oils are sooooooooo good for you. Be careful with the temps you cook them in, they are rancid once they get too hot.
I promise once you get through a week of eating like this you will not have cravings, your glucose levels will stabilize and you will feel so much better. You are training your body to start burning fat again instead of sugar as fuel. If you have a yeast overgrowth in your body or tummy ( yeah many of us do ) you will starve it so this fat will shrink. You will have more energy. This routine is training you to eat protein at every meal, to use smaller portions and to eat more often. You can do it, don’t give up.
So this is an ideal day for me. Wake at 6:30, eat breakfast at 7:15 : egg in butter with pink sea salt, pepper, 1 cheddar cheese square melted in and 2 or 3 turkey sausage links, take a vitamin, downing the water. 10am tuna with mayo, pickles, a little onion, salt pepper. 12:30 go to Jasons Deli have spinach, spring mix, shredded cheese, a hard boiled egg, cucumber, red, yellow and green bell peppers, broccoli, sliced almonds, mushrooms and a lot of ranch dressing. At 3pm I have a cup of Horizon organic cottage cheese and my multivitamin. At 5:30 I have a hamburger no bun with mayo and mustard. At 8:30 I do a little scoop of peanut butter followed by greens drink then calcium. And I don’t eat a lot of food late but if I have my little nibble of peanut butter or a few almonds late like this it helps me sleep. I think the greens drink and calcium also help me sleep. Make sure you get plenty of sleep.
I see a gifted chiropractor every week. Dr Ben Sweeney is at 180 Chiropractic in Cool Springs and he has encouraged me every time I have seen him. He lives by the Maximized Living principles which you can google to study. His business partner Dr Gebhardt is also awesome. If you are not seeing a great chiropractor go see one immediately. Your spine to your body is like your motherboard, if it is malfunctioning somehow you will have a problem show up in your body. You might even lose your appendix, gall bladder and start to have trouble with your colon and constant headaches like me. Go see one now. Get adjusted weekly.
My motivation was my wedding. I want to be a beautiful bride when I take my little walk on the beach in my white dress with my fair prince. The full length picture included is fairly recent and the other one is the only one I could find that was about the time I started this change of habits.
Buying good food, taking care of yourself, seeing your chiro weekly, drinking water, getting sleep, exercising, it all takes time and effort. It will pay off though in huge dividends, it is an investment in your future and it is much cheaper than cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Get started right away. You are worth it.

me in a white shirt march 2013

me at lucky store July 2013

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4 responses to “My Diet Adventure

  1. Kaye

    Dana, you look great…both then and now! Thank you for sharing your success. I am most definitely inspired by you!

  2. Pam

    Dana – Thank you for sharing your eating and exercising plan. You have inspired me and I have a written plan and praying to follow through!!! So glad our paths crossed for just a brief time and happy to witness your beautiful love story and your success with your health. I too see a chiropractor and believe in their philosophy for good health!! Congratulations!!! Pam Blackwell
    P.S. Enjoying your blog – exercise for your mind and soul!!

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