Love, Falling Stars and God Winks

I am spoken for, engaged to be married to a man I like to refer to as my prince. But I used to have a prince who far exceeds him in every category. And His name is Jesus.
Long before I met Andrew I decided to date Jesus and that was one of the best decisions I ever made. On our dates he always told me I was beautiful and I never had to ask him to dance, He had just one favorite dance partner, me. And yes, we did have “our song”. We went many places together and if someone asked me if I had a boyfriend I told them about Him. Certainly many thought me mad but that is okay.
I did pray for a true human prince to come along and oh yes “the list” was made. We ladies think we know exactly what handsome looks like and what we need in a man. Sometimes our Father has other plans.. So. I prayed for my prince charming to appear and once I found some nerve I placed an ad on Christian Mingle.
His profile name was GodSeeker and mine was SecretUnderneath. Yeah, I liked him and was immediately interested in him when I first laid eyes on him. The dating ensued, progressed, but at some point you must decide where you are headed. Perpetually dating or courting is not the goal. So my emotions at times included doubt, fear, worry, anxiety at the thought of forever. Some of which was logical, some, not so much. Memories of heartbreak and pain are hard to give up especially if there are smaller hearts that got broken too.
Then one fateful night we began a road trip to pick up his children far away in North Carolina. As you might imagine it was a long journey and when it came my turn to take the wheel I was most uncomfortable. As he slept beside me I willed myself to stay alert while I talked to Jesus. My heart, it hurt. Palpitations I suppose from stress? Maybe lack of sleep, nervousness, who knows? I asked Him to ease my discomfort and to give me a sign that everything would be okay, a ray of hope that I should be driving all this way. But, I second guessed myself and said “Sorry, I am not supposed to test you.” As I gazed ahead up the winding mountainous road one quick glance at the sky produced a gift. One bright star made it’s way into our atmosphere from His. “Thank you Jesus”.
Months later we were once again in the car together on a journey and I was having real aching doubts. Does this man even love me at all? And if he does, will we be happy? “God I know you wouldn’t send me a falling star again, I never should have asked you the first time. It was probably just a coincidence anyway.” Guess what I saw? I couldn’t resist looking up of course.
Trying not be expectant but hopeful in spite of myself I spotted it. Drifting lazily upward with no reason at all to be there was a single white balloon headed heavenward.
When the day finally arrived for my prince to ask me to marry him I had no idea what was coming my way. Actually I was aggravated at him for being so vague about our plans and for instructing me in what to wear. We made it into his car and wound up at a park with a picnic prepared just for us. After the meal which was planned out just to please me, I turned on my Pandora. My shoes came off as I sat being a princess enjoying my favorite tunes. The thought hit me, we have never shared a dance! Just then “If You Want Me To” came on. Unbelievable! That’s our song! I asked him to dance with me. “Please Andrew, just dance this one song with me, it is my favorite.” I was confused that he wasn’t responding, then he dropped to one knee. His hand came out of his pocket. My heart stopped beating, the world ceased turning. “Will you marry me?”
I no longer believe in coincedences. Now what once was our song is now mine and Andrew’s song. Each day my faith expands. Yes, I will always be afraid at times, doubt will appear, I will be unsure about lots of things. What I have now to focus on at those times are the God winks. He is faithful and full of mercy. When I am afraid I just return to that moment when I caught sight of a white balloon floating above me towards home.

white balloons

2 people falling star

About invisiblebubbles

Single mom engaged to a handsome prince. I want a platform to share my thoughts and have an expressive outlet through words and visuals and colors.

2 responses to “Love, Falling Stars and God Winks

  1. Denise Carrera

    Hi Dana,

    I enjoyed this very much! I am very happy you found your prince.

    Sent from Denise’s iPhone 5


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