Summer Evening at the Park


This is it, my favorite part of this day. Between work and a meeting with time to kill I choose the park, great idea. Outside with no deadlines I absorb, write, interpret, create. No one to judge it but me. I keep my hair over one shoulder so the sun’s rays touch my back where the neckline dips down. It is about 90 degrees and as the sun warms my skin I adjust my skirt carefully to cover my knees. Beneath the wooden bench sit my consignment find heels as I relax cross ankled at an angle facing the parking lot and grass. In my full skirted red floral dress I feel like a Spanish maiden, lacking only a red rose held between my teeth. The sky above is a pale baby blue with fluffy happy white clouds floating lazily along. As an airplane flies over, I wonder where its going. The bugs that unluckily land on me meet their end.

Everything changes. The cars come & go. The basketball game gains and loses players. People grow stronger and either win or lose. The wind tosses the leaves as the clouds shift and the sky brightens to a new hue of blue above the cloud line. The birds eat, fly and grow as the grass and trees reach toward heaven. Trees sometimes seem to grow in rows, like they are standing in line to get somewhere. Which one was the first tree? Is this one the leader?

People show up who just got off work, they are relieved to be here, maybe some are not. Either dreading or looking forward to some exercise. Grass crunches beneath a man’s tennis shoes as he carefully balances a box full of soccer balls. I hear car engines, voices, balls bouncing, hands clapping, children, swings and birds. A little girl is running past me now, she is smiling ear to ear and giggling because she is excited to get to play, she is alive, head to toe. Her dad follows behind her with a straight serious face. Play. When did you last play? Did you stop playing when you became an adult? How long since you laughed? Laughed from deep inside your soul til your cheeks ached…

Life is short. I made a good choice today, a choice for me. Was I productive at the park? Not really, but I am working on slowing my pace and living in the moment more. So this is a step in the right direction. When we are frantic and busy it is easy to miss the little things and not be grateful for all we have. Be sure to do something you enjoy every single day, just take a deep breath and look around you, who knows what you might notice.

Sunday Drive


As a little girl I would look forward to getting home after church. Mom would have us dinner on the table soon (lunch) then we would go for a drive. We would get in the brown Oldsmobile and it would carry us down some country road. As I sat in back unbuckled gazing out the window at corn, cows and barns,  Mamma and Daddy would chat about most every family’s house we passed, they seemed to know all of them. Their health, their children, their crops, I hardly listened as I bumped along in the back. Magically the ride would slow as we neared a friend’s house for an unannounced visit. Even so we were warmly welcomed and all good southern women feed you, so soon we’d have something homemade warm and yummy in our tummies. We were so excited to see each other again as we dashed off to play outside. Of course, we stayed for hours, us wildly roaming around, parents had no idea what we were into. Pots of coffee fuel multiple games of rook while they talk and laugh. The one and only TV set lacking a remote played in the background but no one noticed. Inevitably dark would overtake our sky which signaled the grown ups to talk about leaving. But wait! A genius plan we had to hide my shoes, surely Momma won’t make me leave without them…little voices begging to spend the night together so the fun won’t have to end. Then we would say goodnight a thousand times and begin playing again cause they changed their minds and started to talk once again. Why do they talk so much after they say we have to go? So I climb back into the back seat but not for long, my favorite thing is to lie in the back window. This is the perfect spot to see all the stars so now I imagine I am in my spaceship, destination: moon. As I fly through the heavens above I think of all the fun I had with my friends and drift off to peaceful dreams.